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For over 25 years, we have provided a quality range of business equipment and services to organisations throughout the North of England. Throughout the nineties we explored the potential of Document Management, which eventually led to our partnership with Invu. Since those early days we have helped many hundreds of customers throughout the UK to fulfil their EDM requirements. We are now one of Invu's Premier Accredited Partners and have built up a reputation of always delivering what we say we can.

We help all types of business owners,
executives, and managers end the frustration and difficulty of trying to control business information.

Our clients make huge savings and along with efficiency/productivity gains, have the
information they want at the touch of a button. Many clients tell us they have achieved a Return on Investment in about 3 - 5 months.

The longest part of the process is actually
making the decision to do it, as we usually have it set up and working in a day. Because there's none of the fuss you normally get with business changing solutions, we deliver day one satisfaction.

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  • We have had many success stories with Invu
    which can be seen on the Invu Case Studies

    These have been all over the UK and from a
    variety of business sectors including:-

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Accountancy practices
  • Solicitors practices
  • Independent Financial Advisors - IFA's

Although by any means this isn’t an inclusive list our experience and success in these sectors have allowed us to gain considerable knowledge in many varied business areas throughout the UK.