Copy, scan & print in colour

What our clients say

“It’s so great to be able to locate an old document a in a few seconds without the need to have to
physically trawl through a stack of files in our already overfull storage room. It saves me and my
collegue’s so much time. Through the help and support of Copifax we picked this up this new system
really easily.”

“What can I say..Copifax really impressed us with how quick they were to get our machines installed.
As with any new systems we needed a bit of a helping hand when these were first installed. Copifax
were always there to help talk us through anything. A considerable improvement on our last
machine supplier.”

“We didn’t know much about what we really needed we are only a small business and we have to
make sure that what we buy really pays for itself. Having shopped around for quotes Copifax
managed to beat them hands down! We are set for expansion mid 2009 and will be relying on
Copifax for more help.”